Calendar of activities

Once the registration process is completed for the first time in a Doctoral Programme, students must sign the supervision commitment specifying the academic relationship between the student and the University. 

All students, whether first year or continuing, must, for each academic year, carry out the activities set forth by the Academic Commission relative to the Doctoral Programme, which shall be noted in the Activity Log through the RAPI Web Application


First Year Students

  • As a general rule, first year students must, prior to 1 June of the academic year, present their research plan, with the approval of their doctoral advisor, to the School of Doctoral Programmes. (As certain Doctoral Pogrammes have other submission deadlines, students are advised to consult with their corresponding Academic Commission).


Second Year and Continuing Students

  • Second year and continuing must prepare and upload a report to the Activity Log detailing the progress and development of their doctoral thesis. The type of activity shall be classified as “Report on the development of Doctoral Thesis” 

For every academic year, the Doctoral thesis supervisor/tutor shall prepare an evaluation report on the doctoral activity. This shall be uploaded to the Activity Log prior to 10 June of each year.


The Academic Commission shall evaluate the work carried out by the doctoral students, taking into account the report prepared by the supervisor/tutor and the activities carried out by the student.

Once the evaluation report has been prepared, the Academic Commission shall complete the corresponding minutes and submit to the School of Doctoral Programmes.

A positive evaluation is a mandatory requirement to continue in the Programme.

In the event of a negative evaluation, the doctoral student must be newly evaluated within a period of six months. A second negative evaluation shall be considered grounds for permanent dismissal of the Programme.



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