International doctorate

This designation is only applicable to doctoral-thesis qualifications defended and matriculated within doctoral programmes regulated in accordance with R.D. 1393/2007 and R.D. 99/2011.

To obtain the international doctorate designation, the doctoral student must carry out a study or research visit of at least three months outside Spain in another institution of higher-education or research centre of repute. The visit and activities must be endorsed by the head of the institution or centre and authorized by the Academic Committee responsible for the doctoral programme. They will be incorporated into the student’s record and, in due course, into the Doctoral Student Activities Document.

The doctoral student must have written and presented for defence part of the doctoral thesis—at least the abstract and conclusions—in one of the common languages for communicating research in his or her field of knowledge, other than the official languages of Spain. This rule will not apply where the visits, reports and experts come from a Spanish-speaking country. In all cases, the abstract and the conclusions must also be provided in Spanish.

A report on the thesis must be provided by a minimum of two experts who hold doctorates and belong to a non-Spanish higher-education institution or research institute. 
At least one expert belonging to a non-Spanish higher-education institution or research institute must be on the examination committee for the doctoral thesis. He or she must hold a doctorate and must not be the individual responsible for the student’s visit.

The thesis defence must be carried out at the University of Salamanca. Joint doctoral programmes can be defended at any of the participating universities or in the terms identified by the relevant cooperation agreements. 


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