Call for the Extraordinary Award for Doctoral Thesis defended during the 2015-2016 academic year


  • Call
  • Procedure
  • Requirements. In order to be eligible for the outstanding award for doctoral thesis, the candidate must have attained the distinction of ‘cum laude’ and achieved a minimum total of 27 points based on the 0-10 point scale awarded by each member of the committee, in both the individual and secret assessment for any award for which the thesis is eligible.
  •  Application. Candidates who request an evaluation of their theses to compete for the Outstanding Doctorate Award may obtain an application form from the Doctoral School within the dates of 15 and 31 October of the academic year following the year of their thesis completion, presenting the corresponding documentation at the General Registry of the University, Patio de Escuelas 1, 37008 Salamanca in accordance with the procedure established in Art. 38.4 of the Law 30/1992 of 26 November for the Public Administration and the Common Administrative Procedures (BOE 27 November 1992). If sent by regular mail, the document should be placed in an unsealed envelope and stamped prior to sending by certified mail. Applications prepared in a foreign country must be processed through diplomatic channels or through the corresponding Spanish consulates (a copy of the application must be sent via electronic mail to the following address: Applications sent via electronic mail will not be accepted in any other instance except when presented in the consulate offices:

a) Completed “Outstanding Award for Doctoral Thesis” application form.  There are two application forms according to the field or branch of knowledge to which the committee assigns the thesis during the applicant’s defense.

-Application for Arts and Humanities and Legal and Social Sciences

- Application for Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering, Architecture and the field of Economics

b) Description of the claimed merits, assessed according to Annex II.

c) Copy (or demonstrable proof in the case of books and special formats) of the publications and patents related to the doctoral thesis, as well as verification for all claimed merits. Merits received prior to admission into the doctorate programme shall not be considered.


Number of Theses defended by Branches of knowledge, and number of Outstanding Awards for each field.

List of applications received per field of knowledge (9 November 2016)

More information at this link.


Call for financial assistance for Doctoral students enrolled in programmes regulated by R.D.99/2011 – for the 2015/2016 academic year

The funds will be granted by competitive tendering for 

  • Expenses related to attending Conferences
  • Publications relevant to the student’s area of research
  • Text of the call
  • Printed application
  • Deadline for submission
  • Place of application: General Registry of the University. Patio de Escuelas 1, 37008 Salamanca    
  •   Announcement from the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Technology Transfer, 14 April, 2016 regarding the call for financial assistance.




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Finance: +34 923 29 44 00 Ext. 3069
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