Recording of activities

This application is aimed at students, tutors, thesis supervisors and coordinators of doctoral programmes regulated by RD 99/2011. It provides a dynamic way of recording, reviewing and evaluating doctoral students’ research plans and activities.

It is a basic and very intuitive application, though users have access to a manual to resolve any queries that may arise.

Students input all the activities that they are undertaking as part of their doctoral programme into the application, so that their tutor/thesis supervisor can validate them and the programme coordinator and chair of the Academic Committee for the degree can monitor students and the development of the activities set out in the degree regulations.

The activities to be carried out will be those offered in the doctoral programme. These will be transversal and specific research training activities that take the form of: research seminars; practical, methodological or specialized training courses; conferences; meetings; research colloquia or congresses; or activities of any other type established by the Academic Committee for the degree.

The application therefore functions as a document manager that will ultimately allow a Doctoral Student Activities Document to be produced, which under RD 99/2001 is equivalent to academic certification of what has been completed by the student during his or her doctoral training.

The Web address to access the application is:

(One of the following browsers is recommended: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.)

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