Thesis supervisor

The Academic Committee shall appoint a thesis supervisor for the student within a maximum of six months from the time of enrolment in the doctoral programme. When possible, this figure will coincide with the tutor.

The thesis supervisor shall be ultimately responsible for the supervision of the production of the doctoral thesis by the candidate, as well as for the planning and adequacy of the training activities. Any Spanish or foreign doctor’s degree holders with proven research proficiency are eligible for the supervision of doctoral theses.

The thesis supervisor’s responsibilities are the following:

  • Regularly supervise the Activities’ Document of the doctoral candidates using the Web RAPI app. 
  • Regular reporting and support of the doctoral candidates’ Research Plan, issuing an annual report that shall be uploaded to the Web RAPI app.
  • Agree on the plan for the supervision of the research, scheduling and holding regular meetings with the doctoral candidate.
  • Report favourably on the doctoral thesis.

The thesis may be co-supervised by other doctor’s degree holders when there academic reasons for doing so, such as the interdisciplinary nature of topics or programmes developed through national or international collaboration.

Doctoral thesis supervisors should have proven research experience, which may be accredited in any of the following ways:  

a) Accumulation of at least one six-year term of certified research activity, provided the assessment period covers at least one of the last 7 years.

b) Being or having been the main researcher in a research project funded through public call within the last 5 years.

c) Being the author or co-author of at least 3 scientific articles published in journals listed in the Journal of Citation Reports, or having made 3 relevant contributions in the corresponding scientific area, according to the criteria of the National Committee for the Evaluation of Research Activities (CNEAI) or the Agencies of University quality within the last 6 years.

d) Being the author or co-author of an active patent within the last 6 years.  

e) Having supervised, within the last 5 years, a doctoral thesis leading to at least one publication in journals listed in the Journal of Citation Reports or to any relevant contribution in the corresponding scientific area.

f) Any other requirement that, because of the specificity of the scientific field of the doctoral programme, does not correspond with any of the above and may be considered particularly relevant to the research by the Academic Committee.

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