Upon receiving admission to the doctoral programme and completing the corresponding registration, the student must submit a research plan describing the thesis research project, approved by the Thesis Director to the Academic Committee responsible for the doctoral programme, for approval by that committee. that will describe the student’s thesis project and be approved by his or her thesis supervisor to the Academic Committee responsible for the doctoral programme for approval by that committee.

For doctoral students under R.D. 1393/2007 and R.D. 99/2011, the Academic Committee is responsible for the Doctorate Programme. A written approval of the thesis project must be signed by the President of the Committee. 

The Doctoral Thesis may be presented in the format of a compendium, articles, and/or publications, which must be stated in either the original document or the annual revision of the Research Plan.

Each year, the Academic Committee for the Programme shall evaluate the research plan, based the report (in Word format) issued by the Director and, where applicable, the tutor for the thesis.

A copy of the research plan, together with the thesis supervisor’s acceptance form and a copy of the corresponding evaluations, shall be forwarded to the Doctoral Service for filing under the doctoral student’s records.

If it were necessary to modify the name of thesis supervisor, either because of a change in supervisor or addition of a co-supervisor, a change form signed by the new supervisor must be submitted in addition to a signed authorization by the previous supervisor accepting this change.


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